New Milk Tanks - Mueller Outdoor Milk Cooling Tank


The Mueller bulk milk cooler suitable for outdoor installation have all the advantages of the standard internal range - unquestionable quality, unique performance and unbeatable operating efficiency.

Technical characteristics:
• Milk outlet, cooling and cleaning controls located within the
• Agitator motor(s) protected by stainless steel covers
• Air vent protected by stainless steel cover
Optional: Stainless steel pipe to extract air from the dairy
• Insulated stainless steel milk outlet pipe installed at a 1:20
• Waterproof manhole cover with stainless steel security lock
• Bottom milk filling for improved milk quality

Features and benefits:
• No expensive building alterations - only a concrete base
and protective fence (optional) required
• Fully tried & tested system - proven design with an
excellent reputation
• Approved by milk buyers For Further information Contact Us
Outdoor Milk Cooling Tank